Outlets selling “At the Beach with Lizzie and Luke”

  • Dymocks Book Shop at Charlestown Square, Charlestown NSW.
  • Macleans Book Shop, 69 Beaumont St. Hamilton, NSW
  • The Bookshop Kiama, 64 Terralong St. Kiama, NSW
  • Catch a Falling Star, pop-up-store, Gold Coast, QLD
  • Inspired EC, Unit 11, 48 Oakdale Rd. Gateshead, NSW
  • Blacksmiths Post Office, 80 Turea St. Blacksmiths, NSW
  • Mauro Swim Centre, 1/87 Bailey St. Adamstown, NSW
  • Kracka Racing Craft, 36 Kalaroo Rd. Redhead, NSW
  • Adam’s at The Junction, 154 Union St. The Junction, NSW

by Boyd Conrick

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